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Why Do I Need A Day-of Coordinator?

Why do I need a day-of coordinator for my wedding? You are officially engaged and are ready to kick the planning into high gear. Your beautifully organized Pinterest board is ready with all of the ideas that will make your wedding the best day ever. You love weddings (especially your own) and you want to plan all the details of your day alongside your fiancé, family and friends. In your mind, a wedding coordinator is a luxury and you would prefer to put that money elsewhere. Here at Wed, we want you to know the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding day coordinator. If you have the time and know how to plan your own wedding, you may not need a planner, but you do need a professional coordinator to manage your day. There are three main reasons why a wedding day coordinator is a necessity, not a luxury.

A wedding day coordinator will save you time. At Wed, we are available to our clients to offer guidance and advice as needed. They can contact us throughout the planning process when a question arises saving time and stress in trying to figure things out on their own. Wed also provides a list of reputable wedding vendors. While you will be meeting with these vendors on your own, all the research is done and you can trust the vendors on this list to provide the best service to you. The week of your wedding will also be a very busy and exciting time. Instead of funneling phone calls and finalizing last minute details, you are sipping champagne with your family and friends and basking in the glow of your wedding week.

Next, a wedding day coordinator will save you money. While this person does not manage your wedding budget, they can guide you in making wise financial choices. Often times coordinators can look at contracts and cut out various services that may not be necessary, or even better, help you to understand why they are necessary so that you know your money is being well spent. They can also help you save by allowing vendors to be contracted for less time, providing items that you may need to rent otherwise or suggesting excellent wedding vendors that help you stay within your budget and still provide you with extraordinary service. No matter what your budget, you want to get the most out of your money. A professional will help you do just that and can also be instrumental in helping you find good deals along the way.

Lastly, a wedding day coordinator reduces stress and anxiety. In preparing for your wedding day, you will have a second consultation with Wed and you will leave this meeting feeling like a ton of bricks have been lifted off your shoulders. We know this because we have heard brides tell us so time after time. Following your final consultation, Wed will contact your wedding vendors and go over details to make sure everything is in line and everyone is prepared. We will also provide them with a final timeline and layout of the day which is one less (very important) thing you have to do. The coordinator and vendor may even stumble across a detail that could have been a huge hiccup, before your wedding day, and prevent it from occurring. I once called a wedding cake vendor that my couple hired to confirm the time of delivery. They had the wrong wedding date on the contract. Had this phone call not have taken place, the cake would have showed up Saturday for this FRIDAY wedding. It is safe to say a great deal of stress was avoided with this phone call. The stress and anxiety saved at your wedding rehearsal and on your wedding day is priceless! An endless list of to do's will be completed while you and your wedding party are being pampered and prepped. An experienced planner knows what issues can arise and they have organized the day to avoid these issues. Not to mention, you will have happy vendors who are thrilled to be a part of such a well-organized event. Family drama and excited wedding parties don’t phase us. When something pops up, the coordinator will handle it with your best interest in mind, in a professional and quick manner, and you will not be bothered. This keeps the focus on what really matters - you and your fiance enjoying your wedding day and becoming one!

If you do not need a full or partial planner, make a wise decision and hire a wedding day coordinator to make one of the most important days of your life go off without a hitch. You, your fiance and your family have worked hard in planning this big day and should be able to enjoy it! The money you spend on doing so will be well worth the return.

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